About Me

I picked up my first violin at age 5, and I’ve been playing ever since. Initially, I had wanted to play the cello, but my parents were unable to find a cello teacher who would teach a child as young as I was. They stumbled upon a Suzuki violin teacher, and so violin it was. It wasn’t long before I became very attached to my violin, and played and played and played. I never lost my affinity for the low, rich, sound of the cello. However, by the time I tried a cello, everything was upside down and felt completely unnatural. If only there were an instrument similar to the violin, but with a lower, deeper sound. Hmmmm.....

You guessed it: I also began playing the viola. I currently teach and perform on both the violin and the viola. My services include violin lessons, viola lessons, Irish/Old Time/Bluegrass fiddle lessons, studio recording, live performance, and orchestral playing.

If you would like to more about my educational background, teaching and professional experience, and certification, read all about it in the credentials section of the site.

If you are interested in lessons, or in hiring me to play for your event or recording session, please contact me