For recent graduates/new teachers

For recent graduates and new teachers

Are you trying to start teaching private lessons for the first time? Are you considering teaching for an organization, working in a school, or teaching in a private studio?


My studio is always full. Whenever students graduate and/or move away, I am able to quickly and easily fill any vacant slots with students from my waiting list. I am never short of students, and it has been years since I have needed to actively market my teaching services.


I have 2 professional degrees, numerous teaching certifications, and 16 years of experience teaching in various situations, and can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Teaching in a home studio

  • Starting/teaching/running a program for preschool and kindergarten group music instruction during the school day

  • Teaching for an established music program

  • Teaching in a private school

  • Teaching in a music store

  • Traveling to students’ homes to teach

  • Teaching in an outreach program


I can help you:

  • Decide which teaching situation best fits your current lifestyle and financial needs

  • Figure out the business end of teaching by advising you on fee structures, billing systems, and scheduling

  • Establish studio policies and rules that work equally well for parents, students, and teachers

  • Find the type of students you are looking for

  • Become aware of potential pitfalls for new teachers

  • Build your reputation as a high quality music instructor


Basic Consulting Package includes:

  • Three 45-minute Skype sessions

  • One 30-minute follow up session 


Please contact me if you are interested.